Instant Vendor Managed Inventory
Remote and Mobile Inventory Monitoring

Finally suppliers can respond to the increasing demand for "Vendor Managed Inventory" and instantly offer that service to each of their customers.
IoT enabled TeDaLoS sensor units intergrated or attached to carriers (such as pallets or boxes) read and transmit location and condition of the loaded goods, especially the actual weight. A cloud application calculates and intuitively displays the current inventory status at a customer site to the supplier and automatically reorder goods for replenishment.

Compareable to a fuel gauge in your car, showing the gas level, average usage, remaining range, but in addition reordering the gasoline at your preferred supplier to fill up the car just in time. All without the need to invest in or install fixed monitoring equipment or agree to long supply contracts. The system handles complex inventory setups and any type of goods – all without costly IT integration. No constraints in choosing freight forwarders or handling of goods on premise.

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