SMA railway Signal with service lift

Describing the challange

Signal maintenance under EU-safety regulations

  • scheduled maintenance must be carried out only with adequate facilities such as work baskets, aerial work platforms, etc.
    - limited number of vehicles available
    - arrival / work / departure ~3 hours
    - long track blocking before reopening
    - only if no vehicle is available!
  • climbing is permitted for educated personnel using certified and well maintained climbing gear


  • reduced availability of tracks (long reaction and service time - 3 hours)
  • very high costs for extensive track blockades
  • high costs for vehicles with aerial platforms + team
  • dangerous working situation
  • high costs for training and climbing gear
  • higher demand on staff

KRUCH´s solution

The new KRUCH signal mast with integrated service lift is the answer to new challenges in the field of maintenance of signalling systems for railways. The KRUCH signal pole with integrated service lift is a new revolutionary concept, where the maintenance people – riding on an electro-hydraulic platform – are lifted up to their site of operation to service the signals in a height of 5 m to 7 m above ground. Compared to common methods for servicing signals the service time will be minimised, the safety at work will be vastly improved and vehicle-skylifts will not be needed anymore.

  • protects your workers from accidents
  • helps you fulfill EU-regulations
  • keeps your signals in service
  • increases the availability of your tracks
  • saves you tremendous amounts of money (starting in year 1)

You can also take a look at SMA-01 Signal mast with lift and SMA-02 Lift refitting for masts.