HRS – HandRailSystem for self-rescue measures in tunnels and galleries

Various accident events and fires in railway tunnels have shown, that it is necessary to improve the self- rescue operations for passengers and staff.
Protection of life and body - evacuating people - initiate fire suppression and start of protection measures.

In cooperation with well-known manufacturers , a system was developed and tested in which the requirements of the TSI - equivalent (Technical Specifications for Interoperability Directive 2008/57/EC , 17.6.2008 ).

The hand-rail system, short HRS, allows operators and planners for the first time to use a complete, tested as a system product, that meets all the technical requirements of the TSI.
The HRS is the first handrail solution in which the modular components were successfully tested together in fire tests according to DIN 4102 part 12.

The many elaborate tests are be based on evidence of the materials test certificates of Dresden.
All the components are specially matched together to meet the strict requirements of DIN 4102 Part 12. For this reason, please note the fol- lowing:

The combination of all clearly defined products of the system test E30 -E90 - all of the system components can be confirmed!

Based on different policies (e.g. rules SBB I-20036 «self rescue measures in tunnel» or international requirements of the TSI), we sought together with our partners solutions and also found them:

LED illuminated handrail with functional integrity!

Applications and uses

  • Railway tunnel - Gallery lighting
  • Power plant and cavern transition ways
  • Safety-, Access- and Evacuation tunnels
  • Mines
  • Versions with or without funktional integrity

Your advantages

  • Certified system according to DIN 4102 Part 12
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • type-tested components
  • BAV approval
  • Saves Lives

Niedax-EBO, CH-Visp

The partner for handrail, suspension and mounting
  • Handrail GFK, fiberglassreinforced
  • wall mounting brackets and angles of V4A,
  • connectors and angular parts



GIFAS Electric, CH-Rheineck

The partner for light and the electrical supply and control.

  • Light bar LaneLED in special aluminum profile , including electrical supply 
  • Power supply for lighting
  • Alarm unit optional, manufactured individually



LEONI-Studer, CH-Däniken

The partner for high quality cables and wires for complex modifications.

  • HRS power cables, FE180, halogen and silicon free, rodent protection



Günther Spelsberg, D-Schalksmühle

The partner for electrical functional maintenance integrety, that safety is guaranteed.

  • WKE-able junkction box from Spezialduroplast, redy fitted




The product of successful cooperation!

HandRailSystem HRS-LaneLED-GFK

Handrail with integrated emergency exit lighting for the real thing.

System Tested acc.w DIN 4102 part 12 E30 | E60 | E90