Non-Conductive Gliding Hanger with Roller

For systems with low heights

The insulating gliding hanger by KRUCH is delivered in two versions: for insulating messenger wires as well as for conducting messenger wires. The hanger consists of reliable standard clamp components as well as proven Teflon wire.


  • For very low systems heights down to 100mm, e.g. under bridges
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Life span >5.000.000 according to EN50119
  • Height continuously adjustable
  • Very light, no hard spot for pantographs
  • Non-conductivefor applications in tunnels, under bridges etc.

Hanger Wire


Messenger Wire



Version Clamp Material
FLH-31.2.28.X 28 25 - 150 CuNiSi 100 - 500 for blank messenger wires
FLH-32.2.28.X 28 25 - 150 CuNiSi 100 - 500 for insulating messenger wires

X … Please define system height when ordering