Company Philosophy

We are convinced of the electrified railway and its future role in passenger and freight transport.

Through constant contact with experts in the railway industry from all over the world, we have been able to realise numerous new developments that are unique in their performance today. With our innovative products, we want to contribute to strengthening the electric railway as a competitive means of transport in the 21st century and to making railways worldwide more economical and ecological.

On the following pages you will learn how we will achieve this goal.


The guiding principle of our business activities is to fulfil the expectations of our customers on a long-term basis in a relationship based on partnership.That is why customer benefit is always the focus of our interest.

To ensure this, we rely on a dense, efficient and long-term network of partners, suppliers and experts from all over the world, from which all our customers benefit. We strive to provide the best possible service for our customers, and in addition to the production of intelligent products, we also offer intensive consultation before and after the purchase. Our range of services is constantly being expanded.

We are always on the move for our customers!


We take care of our environment – do you?

Environmental protection is firmly anchored in our corporate principles. Our responsibility towards future generations to live in an intact environment drives us to develop environmentally friendly products on the one hand, but also to produce them in an environmentally friendly manner.

All internal and external measures are carried out with environmental protection in mind and can be copied and imitated.

We think about tomorrow!

We have already implemented these environmental protection measures in our company:

Installation of a timer for the hall lighting

283 neon tubes with a total of 16,414 W of lighting are installed in our production facilities. The manual switch-off during the breakfast and lunch break was naturally not always consistent. With a timer for 300 € incl. installation, switching off is now guaranteed, saving about (1h*250*16.414*15 Cent=) 700 € and 72 kg CO2 per year. Amortisation in the first year, a “no-brainer”.

Installation of a light sensor for hall lighting

At the start of work, it is often still dark in our halls, all the lamps are switched on. They stay on even when it gets brighter outside. A light sensor costing around €300, including installation on the hall roof, now switches the hall lighting off automatically when there is enough sunlight. The only thing we had to take care of was setting a sufficiently large switching hysteresis and delay so that short cloud fields do not cause constant switching on and off.

Sheep’s wool as thermal insulation

Of course, sheep’s wool is somewhat more expensive than conventional insulation material, but it is ecologically beneficial and has a positive effect on the air we breathe indoors. This investment in the health of our employees was clearly worth the insulation.

Switching to green electricity

A long time ago we switched to the electricity of Alpen Adria Energie (AAE). This reduced both our environmental impact and our electricity costs. This is how environmental protection makes sense.

Electric cars

With their range of > 200 km, modern electric cars cover 95% of private transport needs, produce hardly any exhaust fumes, require hardly any maintenance, cost no motor tax and no benefit in kind. In addition, they are now really fun to drive!

Train instead of car

All KRUCH employees have the same requirement: journeys of less than 1,000 km must be made by rail unless a comparable air ticket is at least 30% cheaper. But train journeys offer many advantages: You can work very well with W-LAN and power sockets at your seat, there is less risk of accidents and you arrive rested and relaxed at your destination in the sleeping car.

How about rainforest instead of wine?

For several years, we have been symbolically buying rainforest shares instead of other gifts at Christmas. This not only pleases the customers, but also protects our green lungs.


Clever solutions for modern contact line systems

To meet the challenges of modern railways, we invest heavily in research and development.

We guarantee our customers the best possible, individual solution. Our many years of experience, coupled with our extensive know-how and close contact with international experts and users, help us to achieve this goal.

Every KRUCH employee works with the greatest commitment and passion to improve production processes, product quality and product performance. Our products stand for unique product advantages worldwide.

KRUCH customers have more success!



We strive for strong ties with our contact groups

As a family business, we maintain a close and trusting relationship with our employees. In the long and eventful history of our company, we have been able to overcome all challenges together with our loyal staff.

We strive to promote the satisfaction of our own staff and to create a harmonious working environment that promotes performance. We want to support our employees in their development by offering a wide range of further training opportunities. Because our greatest potential, especially in research and development, is our know-how and our highly qualified staff.

We are always there for our customers. We strive for a relationship with our customers based on partnership and trust. As a family business rich in tradition, we stand for honesty, loyalty and integrity.

Honoured with the TRIO Award

We have been maintaining the tradition of an Austrian metalworking shop since 1869 and train apprentices every year. We see it as our duty to offer young people a professional future in our historic craft.

Our apprentices have the chance to apply their acquired knowledge on the most modern machines every day and to deepen their knowledge.For these achievements, we received the TRIO Award from the employment pact.

Through joint effort to more success!