Austrian quality since 1869

The Karl & Albert KRUCH Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG. (today: KRUCH Railway Innovations GmbH & Co. KG) is a traditional Austrian company based in Vienna. Since its founding in 1869 we stand for best quality, optimal customer service and timely delivery. With these virtues we can assert ourselves for over 140 years and have survived the fall of the Empire and 2 world wars.

  • 1869 Foundation

    Carl Kruch, originally from Germany, marries the widow of a locksmith. Together, they establish the company Kruch in Meidling, Vienna.

  • 1889 Karl Ludwig Albert Kruch

    Karl Ludwig Albert Kruch takes over the company of his father.

  • 1932–1980 Karl & Albert Kruch

    The two brothers Karl Kruch and Albert Kruch continue running the company. At the time, Karl Kruch was still successfully assuming every facet of management himself – from sales to material management, personnel matters, payroll accounting, etc. up to bookkeeping without the help of any electronic tools.

  • 1981 Hans-Heinrich Röhl

    After the company had been operated successfully for 3 generations by the Kruch family, Hans-Heinrich Röhl takes over KRUCH in 1981. He continues to pursue the Kruch family’s innovative spirit and invests in machinery.

  • 1990 Production

    KRUCH opens a new 2,000m² production site in 1230 Vienna. The halls planned and built by Hans-Heinrich Röhl can hold large components with a unit weight of more than 5t and enable optimal material flow.

  • 1993 Patent

    The patent for the first developed hanger clamp (HKL-01) is granted. ÖBB then approves the clamp and HKL-01 becomes the “standard clamp”.

  • 1994 Production contract award

    KRUCH is thrilled to be awarded its first framework contract for the production of trackside signals by ÖBB. From then on, KRUCH produces 400 to 800 signal masts every year over a period of 20 years, along with all mechanical accessories.

  • 1994 Automation

    KRUCH starts consequently automatising its steelwork with the first IGM welding robots from Wr. Neudorf. Later, the company used a total of 4 welding robots.

  • 1995 Production expansion

    The fully utilised production spaces are extended to 3,500m². In addition to hanger clamps, wheel tension devices and signal masts, KRUCH is also awarded a framework contract for the production of drive train bearings.

  • 1999 World record

    KRUCH develops and patents the successful pan-European hanger clamp HKL-02; the first adjustable heavy duty hanger without thimble in the world. The HKL-02 later broke the inofficial world record for the quickest hanger installation in catenaries.

  • 1999 Quality management

    During his mechanical engineering studies, Jan Röhl implements quality management according to ISO 9001:1994 in the company and analyses every single business process as an ideal introduction to company management.

  • 2001 Jan Röhl

    Jan Röhl takes over the management of KRUCH and seamlessly continues the company’s successful concept. The internationalisation of KRUCH begins and the first trade fair exhibition of KRUCH products and solutions takes place at SWISS RAIL in Basel.

  • 2003 Export contract

    The first export commercial representation is signed in the Netherlands. 2-3 international representations are added annually.

  • 2011 New company site

    The KRUCH office building is built with a total surface of 1,000m². The concept is based on the very visionary original plan by Hans Heinrich Röhl from the time the land was acquired in 1989/90.

  • 2013 Mobility 4.0

    The development of EFS (Energy Flow Simulation) begins and the business area Mobility 4.0 is established.

  • 2015 Sensor technology

    Another milestone in KRUCH’s history: The first KRUCH sensor product is installed.

  • 2016 Subsidiaries

    Following the successful conclusion of projects in the area of Energy Flow Simulation, the subsidiary KRUCH SIDOS S.L. is built in Barcelona, the main location of EFS.

  • 2016 Export quota

    For the first time, the export quota is >50%. The company has contracts with 16 foreign representations.

  • 2016 ZEN 11 Holding

    KRUCH RAILWAY INNOVATIONS is founded together with ZEN 11 Holding GmbH for the world-wide marketing of EFS and sensor products.