We introduce you to our EFS-Team


Voltage, current and energy flow in direct current networks need to be measured, analysed and evaluated. New questions, searching for solutions to problems, testing of future schedules - all that requires highly complex measurements done in the course of expensive studies! Sounds complicated? When using Kruch′s EFS, it all becomes very easy. At the push of a button, it allows you to independently simulate every possible situation in your network.

Now, we are delighted to be able to introduce to you our two experts in this area.

Ignacio Fernández Lopez has been supporting the EFS team since 2014 with his experience from the area of electro-technical simulation. In his free time, the graduate from Madrid engages in various kinds of sports - even if, in his opinion, temperatures in Vienna are often too low for that.

"I see energy flow simulation as a limitless field. We gather information and develop simulations with ever new functions for our clients - as many as they require - in order to support them in running their power networks at optimal levels of security and efficiency."

Ferran Rovira Garcia is an industrial engineer with a particular interest in electrics. He is managing the development of EFS at Kruch since 2013.

Coming from sunny Barcelona, Ferran has quickly established a tennis group at Kruch, as well as the Spanish cuisine and an inspiring touch of the catalan lifestyle!

"We are starting something that is going to be big! The possibilities seem to be limitless and with every new project, our ideas grow.”

Jan Röhl: "Thanks to our great team and our fantastic simulation technology, we have achieved so much in such a short time. This fills me with great joy and it is enormously thrilling to watch new steps in development, new functions and new abilities evolve on a daily basis. I am proud of my staff!"

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