Trolleybus checkpoint


Fully automated inspection of the current collector shoes

Our fully automated checkpoint inspects the condition of the carbon brushes and the contact pressure of the current collectors on trolleybuses – every time they pass through – by means of 3D laser scanning and load cells. It delivers information about the need to replace the brushes as well as whether the contact pressure is correctly adjusted.

Maintenance personnel receive clear instructions in a spreadsheet format and have access to the complete measurement data as well as to 3D images in the cloud application. This ensures that the service life of the pantographs is always utilised as effectively as possible and prevents the emergency replacement of carbon brushes on the roads, which would obstruct traffic. Big data analyses offer added benefits, including the detection of contact line damage in a section of the route!

The long-term test results speak for themselves:As an example, the ROI break-even point for an operation with 100 trolleybuses in the EU is reached within a sensational two years.

More information about trolley checkpoint can be found here.