The Kruch HKL-02 sets a world record


Over the past few years, our HKL-02 hanger clamp for flexible hangers without thimble has been installed & used by more than 30 international customers in the railway and tram industry. One of the advantages of our HKL-02 is its simple and quick installation. See for yourself in this video featuring one of our employees.

A world record of just 00:00:28 – The KRUCH HKL-02 hanger clamp is the fastest and easiest to install in the world.

We strive to provide the best possible service to all of our customers in over 15 different countries in order to offer them the greatest possible advantage.
The HKL-02 hanger clamp is designed to provide secure, continuous current-carrying catenary suspension, while its intelligent design enables the hanger length to be adjusted.

A few of the advantages of the HKL-02 hanger clamp at a glance: 

  • spark-free conduction
  • infinitely adjustable hanger length
  • simple and rapid installation
  • clamp made of just one single part plus a screw with a nut
  • same clamp for the messenger wire and contact wire
  • no crimping
  • reusable
  • significant reduction of installation costs
  • EN 50119 compliant

You can find further advantages and more information about our world record holding HKL-02 on our product page.