SUB-DASHBOARD - KRUCH Substation Monitoring


Rectifier substations rarely malfunction! As a result, some of them have already “seen better days.” In some cases, complete integration into the control system has yet to be established. This means that the operating personnel are missing the full picture regarding crucial factors, in particular when it comes to knowing whether the power supply to the contact wire is actually available and secured. A lack of both real-time data and a correct interpretation of error conditions can lead to severely delayed responsiveness and inconvenient, costly delays and outages.

The solution: The KRUCH “Sub-Dashboard,” which can be retrofitted as required, provides the answer:
robust, innovative sensor technology, integrated remote data transmission, an alarm system, and a clearly arranged data dashboard ensure rapid error analysis. As a result, system downtime can be minimized effectively.

Sensors continuously measure sensitive data, including:

  • Voltage on the contact wire
  • Voltage at each transformer substation feeder
  • Currents
  • Temperatures
  • Other data as needed


Any deviations from “normal values” are identified and reported. The aim going forward is to identify root causes at an early stage and propose an appropriate course of action.

Immediate corrective action and preventive maintenance help maximize line availability.

The pioneering WLB transport company has recognized the clear benefits of using real-time data for optimum network transparency, and is now gaining initial experience with our new system in southern metropolitan Vienna.

"Forward-thinking and proactive customers like WLB are tremendously important to our development efforts! We are deeply grateful for this collaboration." Jan Röhl (CEO) 

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