SMA Signal mast


Experience all its advantages at a glance - now

It already got presented in the last newsletter and also at the InnoTrans 2014, it was an absolute highlight: the SMA signal mast with integrated lift system. With our new demo video taken with a helmet camera, we put you into the position of the maintenance personnel.

Experience at first hand the safest, most comfortable and quickest way of changing a signal lamp.

-          It takes 20 seconds to unlock and open the workman basket and connect the battery

-          At the push of a button, one can reach any working height up to 7m in just 60 seconds

-          Changing an entire signal lamp only takes approx. 5 min.

Thanks to the Kruch SMA, this can be done during the pause between two trains.

-          without the need for track closures

-          without any effects on schedules

-          and without a vehicle with a working platform

The tracks′ availability remains at maximum levels!

Simultaneously, it guarantees that personnel can perform the work at highest levels of safety, comfort and with little physical effort. Workers avoid physical stress and remain healthy and motivated.

See for yourself. View video