Record number of EFS orders – We are delighted about four new projects!


In the last six months, EFS projects commissioned by the Netherlands and Germany alone totalled half a million euros. 

Managing Director Jan Röhl is pleased with the success: “These results affirm that KRUCH is on the right track for 2019. The market understands the benefits of EFS, and our range of services is constantly growing along with it. We are also thrilled to see that our customers are using the simulation with increasing frequency every day. That makes us feel both proud and very grateful.”
With the help of the Energy Flow Simulation tool, you can increase the reliability of the power supply in your network and – by analysing the results – not only ensure that your operation is fail-safe, but also save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and thus help achieve the Paris environmental objectives.

The simulation deals with key fundamental problems:

  • What causes substation overloads?
  • What effects do new vehicles have on energy consumption?
  • How can energy consumption be reduced in daily operation and how much energy can be conserved?
  • How do changes to the timetable affect the energy supply?
  • Dimensioning the substations and the overhead contact line when the network is extended.
  • Where are the critical points in the network (low voltage, temperature curve of the overhead contact line)?
  • How do the electromagnetic fields behave along the route?
  • How can the network be optimised to meet the new CO2 reduction requirements?
  • and much more

Join the pioneers in the field of energy flow simulation and have a look at our previous references to discover the compelling advantages for yourself.

You can find more information about EFS in our news article.

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