MATLAB Expo 2016 - Interview with Ferran Rovira Garcia

Ferran Rovira Garcia, the Head of division Mobility 4.0, at MATLAB Expo 2016.

Mister Rovira, you were one of the lecturers at MATLAB Expo 2016. What exactly did you talk about?

Ferran Rovira: The focus was to present the collaboration between Mathworks and KRUCH. I talked about how it all began, where we are today and what our future will look like.

What was the feeling to talk in front of big names from car industry and other engineering fields? Could you hold the nerves?

Ferran Rovia: You know, the presentation was prepared in several months and I practiced it a lot. That really helped me to not enter in panic. But when I walked on stages and these hundrets of people stared at me, I felt a few butterflies in my stomach.

Of course! I already feel nervous when I read the names of the other participants. You really talked in front of the top liga!

Ferran Rovia: Yes, I was so impressed! Not only by the names of the companies but also by the quality of the presentations. For me the most expressiv was, that also big companies were very excited about EFS and that a small, family owend company like KRUCH could develop something huge like this.

What is EFS? Can you talk more about this?

Ferran Rovia: There is a YouTube video, where I describe what EFS means. Even though I had a terrible cold that day we made the video, it is a very good introduction. For specific questions I prefer a one-on-one interview. Just send me an email to and we will arrange a conference.

Mister Rovira, thank you for this exciting interview and have a nice time at MATLAB Expo 2016.