DI (FH) Jan Röhl at the interview

On the 2nd of July, KRUCH invited groups of interest to the first in-house exhibition at the headquarters in Vienna. DI (FH) Jan Röhl, director of KRUCH, talked about this exciting event and future perspectives.

KRUCHs in-house exhibition - Presentation of SMA (Signal Mast System)

On the 2nd of July, KRUCH invited potential customers and groups of interest to the first in-house exhibition at the headquarters in Vienna. DI (FH) Jan Röhl, director of KRUCH, talked about this exciting event.

Mr. Röhl, why did this SMA-event happen?
After five years of development, numerous prototypes and extensive tests of the signal mast system it was time to present our invention to potential customers and groups of interest. Therefor an in-house exhibition at our manufacturing base in Vienna is a great possibility. The time is ripe to show the market the benefits of SMA.

What program was to be expected?

First of all, we talked about the development of the SMA. Especially about the meaning of SMA for the operators. Afterwards every guest had the chance to try SMA out on their selves to experience the benefits of occupational safety. For me the best moment was when participants who tested the cab started brainstorming about possible steps to accelerate putting SMA into operation.

What did the participants get to see?

At our headquarters, we operate and test several SMA in different versions. Additionally, we presented a few short films, for example “Exchanging a signal in snow storm conditions”. We also visited our manufacturing lines. For the customers this is the most exciting part of the event. Highly-automated robotics and highly qualified craftsman and craftswoman, producing the reliable products, our customer worship.

Why is the signal mast system meaningful?

It takes time till the ETCS-Level 2 (European Train Control System) is available on a large scale, in the meantime we need block signals that are operating reliably. With SMA a signal technician is able to exchange a signal within only five minutes. That means, just between regular train frequency. The overhead contact line doesn’t need to be switched off and it is absolutely safe and comfortable.

What do you predict for the future of SMA?
Laws and regulations for the protection of employees in dangerous environment just as railway infrastructure are getting stricter and stricter. get improved continuously to prevent accidents and personal injury. 
At the same time railway companies need to keep the train moving efficiently to achieve the aim of people and transports in time. A rail-range, that needs to detour or stop their trains for maintenance or repair work, is less efficient and losing money. 
SMA is the instrument that enables achieving both aims. 
For these reasons, I think, a lot of railways will deploy SMA for increasing safety of track signals maintenance, the rout performance, thereby boosting efficiency and profitability of the railway increases. We’re going to produce thousands of SMAs.

Are you planning more events like this? 
Of course we want to organise more of these happenings. Till now we don´t have any fixed date but if anybody is interested, feel free to contact Also visit our website regulary to get the information you need.

Mr. Röhl, thanks for the interview!