Production and sale figures have been doubling almost every year since 2015

HKL-02, our hanger clamp without crimping or crimp sleeve, kicked off a real revolution upon its entry onto the market. Even though precisely this initially drew some sceptical looks, HKL-02 has numerous reputable fans today and has been enjoying more and more popularity in recent years.
This is evidenced by current sales figures: we have achieved a yearly increase of approx. 70% over the last few years, and our list of customers is constantly growing. International railways and local transport operators from more than 15 countries, including NRIC from Bulgaria, RHK from Finland, Bane NOR from Norway or Network Rail from the UK already rely on our hanger clamps.

The advantages of our clamp are obvious:

  • spark-free conduction
  • adjustable hanger length
  • simple and rapid installation
  • clamp consists of only one part plus a screw with a nut
  • same clamp for the messenger wire and contact wire
  • no crimping
  • reusable
  • considerable reduction of installation costs

Thanks to the development of our hanger clamps HKL-01HKL-02HKL-03 and HKL-04, we have been able to position ourselves as pioneers in the sector of overhead traction technology. After all, the results in terms of installation speed and the related cost reduction speak for themselves. Stefan, whom we playfully call our “Mr. acGyver”, establishes his first (and certainly not last) world record in installing a HKL-02:

We believe the direction we have taken is the right one, and our objective is clear too: we aim to reach the maximum production capacity of one million HKL-02 hanger clamps per year. If you want to be part of this movement, please contact us at