Many multinational companies share one small detail in their history: It all started with a small idea. Step by step, the ideas lead to huge success. KRUCH is proud of this part of the company’s history.

It all began in these buildings in the 12th municipal district of Vienna 147 years ago (picture taken in 1983). On the way of growth and success, KRUCH changed headquarter location a few times.

Even then KRUCH developed and produced their own products such as chimney pots and pressure cookers. A few of the production machines, such as the 650t friction screw press which was invented by the Scherb brothers, are still in use these days. These reliable machines conduce to KRUCHs success story.

CEO Jan Röhl feels both melancholy and pride, while looking back at this time. "My parents absorbed the business from the Kruch family in 1980. Engineer Karl Kruch worked with them for a while, he was such a genius academic talent. My father was able to improve the companys success even more. He ramped up the railway business, developed the first patented products and convinced the customers by reliability and quality despite the fact that the available resources were simple."

Our team grew big and got international in the last decades. We develop and produce future-oriented railway products, latest computer simulations (f.e. the Energy-Flow-Simulation - EFS) and take the internet of things to the railway infrastructure (f.e. the state remote monitoring of catenary components). The concept is very simple, so Jan Röhl: "Listen to the customer’s needs, develop and produce really simple, fast and safe products, which facilitate the customer’s work processes and increase the route availability."

"Our products open new markets and opportunities in the railway sector. In the last years our innovations like the signal mast with lift (SMA), the hanger clamp (HKL-02) or the Energy-Flow-Simulation (EFS) enjoyed huge response by stakeholders worldwide.”, Jan Röhl says.

The 147 years of KRUCH history show impressively, how enthusiasm and a great team can lead to great success in a "small" family business.