KRUCH-contest - Do you know where the signal mast is?


The KRUCH signal pole with integrated service lift is a new revolutionary concept, where the maintenance people – riding on an electro-hydraulic platform – are lifted up to their site of operation to service the signals in a height of 5 m to 7 m above ground. Compared to common methods for servicing signals the service time will be minimised, the safety at work will be vastly improved and vehicle-skylifts will not be needed anymore.

Spotted one Signal from kruch in an unusual place. Do you know where it is?

Send the correct answer to and be the prowd winner of a great price!


Thanks for joining the KRUCH contest! The correct answer is:

The signal mast is located in the Vienna Technical Museum!


And the winner is...

Ms. Liftenegger! She won a ticket to the Vienna Technical Museum!