INVEST 2021 REST BUDGETS sustainably in KRUCH EFS!


The year 2021 is drawing to a close. Often there are still residual budgets in companies that are waiting to be put to good use. With the EFS energy flow simulation from KRUCH, you can simulate - independently - every conceivable scenario in your electric route network, today and in the future. Invest in EFS this year and therefore in your own business!

Many customers take advantage of this opportunity to

  • solve an acute problem or a current question quickly and easily
  • test EFS for future use
  • have a good starting point for further digitization steps

The numerous users of the KRUCH-EFS system are independent of time consuming, external studies that need to be tendered, when it comes to everyday issues. Simply simulate yourself! It’s done quickly and safely with our validated energy flow simulation (EFS)!

We can currently offer a very good and limited "EFS entry package":

  • ~ 5km section
  • 2-3 substations
  • 2 types of vehicles
  • 2 current questions (e.g. cycle compression, n-1 substations, new vehicles, critical points in the network, ...)
  • full range of EFS services (all modules!)
  • including user training

Perhaps you currently have a topic that we fix together still this year?

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EFS is the "mother" of all KRUCH Mobility 4.0 solutions. The tool is already a tested and proven tool for daily work in numerous local transport companies. Here you will find all information as well as references, videos and presentations on EFS.