Fleet Monitoring: Your fleet – displayed right on your screen


FLATA (short for “fleet data”) is a retrofittable, complete solution by KRUCH and its Partner METRIOX. It consists out of HW & SW for sensors, data transmission, analysis and display of results. You’ll have the data of your entire fleet right at your fingertips – every second of the day! GPS position, current condition, trouble codes, activity, interior temperatures, catenary voltage, and more are all tracked in real time. An automatic alarm system notifies you instantly when limit values have been exceeded.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Continuous fleet and network monitoring
  • Establishes baseline data for preventive maintenance
  • Provides analysis of events, errors and their possible causes
  • Reduction of standstill & costs
  • Modular, scalable
  • Monitor your fleet from any device (computer, tablet, phone)

How does FLATA work?

The experts from KRUCH and its partner METRIOX will install data loggers equipped with GPS antennas and interfaces to the board computer on your vehicles. The attached sensors transmit data – such as temperature, voltage, current condition, position, and activity – to a cloud database.
There is no need for a local SW-installation. All you need is your standard web-browser. Using the dashboard is highly intuitive. Training of your employees is minimal.

You can view and analyse the data on your dashboard in real time and also receive alerts. With the right information, you can respond promptly, anticipate trends and issues, and take proactive action. The transmitted data will inform your vehicle maintenance planning so that you are perfectly prepared and on top of things. What’s more, you’ll be able to clearly identify where certain events – such as emergency braking/sanding, excessive speeds (e.g. at switch points), low catenary voltage, and more – are occurring on your network.

In combination with our proven Energy-Flow-Simulation (EFS) there arise additional possibilities for analyzing and optimizing your network. With FLATA our EFS product family becomes more powerful by a very strong tool.


Are you interested in using FLATA for your fleet too? Get in touch with us at: sales@kruch.com