Energy Flow Simulation „EFS“  now also in Germany


KRUCHs dynamic mathematic model of traffic system will be available in Germany, Potsdam very soon. The Energy Flow Simulation “EFS“ will optimize a part of the tramway traffic in the region.
With the help of „EFS“ KRUCH wants to pursure the following project goals:

  • Geometrical capturing of data
  • Capturing vehicle movement pattern
  • Electrical network/recording the substations
  • Modeling
  • Validation
  • Website development
  • Reports and project costs

Energy losses in the network are detected, the current and voltage flow in the overhead contact system and the energy consumption of traction vehicles are pointed out as quick as possible by the “EFS“ system. The Energy Flow Simulation “EFS“ is already in use in Salzburg and Rotterdam - the traffic systems get analysed and optimized in the best possible way.

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