EFS on "E line" in Rotterdam


We gladly announce that our energy flow simulation for RET (Rotterdam) is about to be completed.

"EFS" gives our client RET full insight in the energy flow of the entire electrical network of their line E:

  • for every second of the simulation
  • for every electrical component in the network
  • for every metre of the overhead contact system
  • for every traffic scenario imaginable

Asecond set of measurements we have used for the verification and calibration of our output data already confirm the simulation′s high accuracy (see graph). A second range of counter measurements have been taken on Monday, the 17th of November, and are evaluated at this moment.

The high precision is a result of the close and positive collaboration between RET′s and KRUCH′s specialists together with high levels of commitment and dedication!

At the moment, KRUCH is working on the development of the "EFS online service" website. This cloud service is a tool for the individual display of output data and offers the possibility to administrate simulations in a user friendly environment. In the future, local installations on our clients′ computers will not be required any longer. This tool simplifies the implementation of future projects and helps us in supporting our clients in the most efficient way possible.

Are you interested in our "energy flow simulation" service? If so, don′t hesitate to contact us under sales@kruch.com.