Copycats love great products

Insist on the original!

It has been detected that our successful dropper clamp HKL-02 was copied without our permission and sold several times. The positive side is that only great ideas and product are stolen and copied.

Usage of fake products creates unacceptable risks, such as mechanic and electric failure, catenary rupture, damage of pantographs and, ultimately, jeopardizing human life. Besides, your insurance might not cover damage and secondary damage. You resign from support, guarantee and warranty by using fake items.

Only our original product ensures perfect function, access to all product advantages, and protects from serious damage.

What can you do to distinguish the original from a fake product?

  • Purchase from our official partners only
  • Please contact us in case of doubt

Trust in the original! Only Kruch and our official partners will deliver the original product with the relevant warranty. Find here your contacts all around the globe.

Or contact us: sale@kruch.comLook out for the original!